Accusmart Battery Conditioners / Trickle Chargers

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Keep your batteries in 'Tip Top' condition thus avoiding those sluggish cold morning 'will it, won't it start scenarios'

The Accusmart Battery Charger/Conditioner automatically provides the 4 steps for optimal battery condition:
  1. Diagnosis - checks status & condition of the battery.
  2. Charging - variable current to charge to 85% of battery capacity
  3. Absorption - a constant voltage to achieve full battery capacity
  4. Maintenance - a maintenance charge to keep the battery in first class order.

Upon first connection to the battery the Accusmart charger/conditioner  will 'reads the condition of the battery, it then determines whether it needs to start a trickle charge, full charge or go into discharge mode.
It most instances it will start with a full charge mode, when full charge is reached it then switches into a discharge mode (the equivalent of leaving an interior light on) down to approx. 85% of capacity, it then reverts to trickle/maintenance charge taking the battery to 100% where it then starts the procedure again. This system reduces oxidisation on the battery plates thus keeping it in good condition.

The unit is designed and guaranteed to be compatible with and work alongside engine management systems - unlike a number of the 'High Street' chargers.

Suitable for Wet, AGM, Gel & MF batteries

Protection against:
* Short circuits
* Voltage Peaks (AC & DC)
* Polarity Inversion
* Overheating
* Voltage Spikes

Supplied complete with:
Eyelets for permanent battery connection
Cigar Lighter Plug to recharge through 12v Aux. Socket
Crocodile Clamps for Battery Connection

Ideal for Classic Cars / Motor Bikes, Motor Homes, Combines, Tractors, Sugar Beet Harvesters etc. The Accusmart Conditioner is suitable for wall or vehicle mounting - many customers mount this unit on the vehicle near the battery and just plug it into the mains supply when the vehicle is garaged.

Options available: Use Drop Down Menu to select model required.

12v 2amp - Charges 12v batteries up to 50Ah, Maintains 12v batteries up to 100Ah, Maximum charging time 25hr.
12v 4amp - Charges 12v batteries up to 120Ah, Maintains 12v batteries up to 160Ah, Maximum charging time 30hr.
12v 7amp - Charges 12v batteries up to 210Ah, Maintains 12v batteries up to 250Ah, Maximum charging time 30hr.

12v 10amp - Charges 12v batteries up to 210Ah, Maintains 12v batteries up to 250Ah,  Maximum charging time 30h

These conditioner / chargers are used by members and enthusiasts of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club, Bentley Owners Club, Porsche Owners Club, Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club, Triumph Stag Owners Club and many more.


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