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Broomate Yard Brush

Broomate Yard Brush | agri-shop
Broomate Yard Brush | agri-shop Broomate Yard Brush | agri-shop Broomate Yard Brush | agri-shop

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Collect from our yard in South Cambridgeshire and save carriage charge - please contact us for availability.

Robust construction 5mm (1/4") galvanised plate - please note in picture 3 the box section between the brush 'carrier rails' this not only prevents the carriers from spreading but strengthens the complete hood of the brush.

Eleven rows of bristles giving a thorough sweeping with minimum of dust

Easy to change bristles

Fork lift slots for ease of use - We are now able to supply Q/R hitches for most makes of forklift see

Push or pull facility
3 widths available 6ft - 8ft - 10ft

From January 2013 we introduced on all Broomate Brushes a stand to prevent 'Bristle Crush' at NO EXTRA CHARGE

To view the Broomate in action Click HERE

Full width magnetic bars to pick up any nails / ferrous metal objects are now available, please call with your requirements.

"With approximately 10acres of concrete, both outside and within the grain stores and two miles of farm roads the Broomate makes easy work of keeping the yard and approaches clean with a minimum amount of dust" - Paul Steward, Grain Store Manager, Rand Brothers, Royston.

"I have looked at these brushes for a couple of years and often thought about buying one, I eventually purchased one at the begining of September 2013. I, along with my staff were so impressed that we bought a second a week later! The man hours saved has virtually paid for the first one already" - Tony Hill, A & R Hill Waste Management, Canning Town, London. 27/9/13


Broomate Brush Width
Price: £1,200.00
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