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Brushes - Tractor/Forklift

The BROOMATE Agricultural / Industrial broom has been developed to incorporate best design and materials to ensure a robust and efficient product design.
Ideal for Roadways / Yards / Grainstores - it will even sweep snow!!

The BROOMATE is constructed of a 5mm hood (thicker than most of the competition) with integral stiffening bars to prevent brush rails from spreading, it is fully galvanised with 2.8mm dia bristles - thicker than some other manufacturers.

Watch the Broomate around the farm video  HERE
See the Broomate sweeping snow HERE
Replacement bristles click HERE

Triggers Broom

The BROOMATE is NOT the cheapest to buy, - but it WILL last the longest due to its rugged construction.

If you wish for more information on a specific product please call Ian on 07803 596660 or email

SWEEPA-BRUSH a lower cost unit - ideal for the smaller farmer, stable / livery yards etc.
3 sizes available   Call Ian on 07803 596660 for more details.