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Fuel Tanks, Diesel & Water Pumps, Filters, Nozzles, Adblue, Grease Guns etc.

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All of these products are suitable for B30 BioFuel unless stated otherwise.

Over the last few years not only has the composition of fuel changed - the adding of bio-fuel - car, tractor, combine & lorry engines have advanced to such an extent that the slightest amount of dirt within fuel not only causes blockages but can cost many thousands of pounds to repair - electronic injectors can easily approach £1000 each, injector pumps, the cost does not bare thinking about! Then there is downtime - just when you don't want it. 

For many years there has been the issue of 'dirty' or 'contaminated' fuel being supplied by your fuel supplier and very little that can be proven. We are now agents for a unit that can detect water & micro-organisms within the fuel thus enabling the user to monitor the fuel that is being delivered and source a reputable supplier.
Why wait until the 'dirty fuel' is in the vehicle tank? - stop it getting to the vehicle tank or reduce the chance to a minimum by the addition of a good filtration sytem & good quality hoses. 

PLEASE NOTE - that unless stated these products are NOT suitable for petrol or aviation fuel.