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So how many times have you hitched up your trailer, plugged the lights in and either nothing works or brake lights flash, indicators stay on & there are no side lights?? Well this has ALL changed!!

LED lights are not new, but they are relatively new to the motor trade and almost unheard of on trailer lighting boards, we in conjunction with Rockfit have the answer, a system than is shock, water, oil and virtually vandal proof unless you have an axe or 10tonne digger!!

No more, faulty bulbs,
No more broken lenses,
No more damaged plugs and unless you are totally stupid, no more damaged cables - yes I did mean to say that! & a 10yr Guarantee on product failure.

"We purchased our first Rockfit Lighting System for our Vaderstaad Drill in August 2013 due to the vibration the life expectancy of the existing lenses was to say the least 'short'. We have fitted a second unit to our Bale Stacker and will be fitting units to all machines as required. Fitting took less than 30 minutes. I cannot recommend this system highly enough".

Ed Banks, Thomas Banks and Partners, Cambridge.

COMING SOON -  to lighten up YOUR life

Just added to our 'Product List' - Trickle / Battery Chargers & Heavy Duty Booster Packs