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Vermin Control - Electric Fencing, Traps, Rate / Mouse Bait

We are pleased to announce our latest development in the world of crop protection with the launch of Patura electric fencing products.
Patura is expecting to take centre-stage this season, with an exciting range of products to suit every need from the control of rabbits at low-level at the field boundary, to the protection of planting in woodland areas from damage by deer or badgers.
A full range will be added shortly, in the meantime please contact
Ian on 07803 596660

As from August 2014, we are UK distributors of the LODI range of vermin control products. LODI is one of the largest independent UK chemical producers of vermin control products with four European manufacturing facilities based  here in the UK, France, Romania and Belgium. With over three decades worth of experience in manufacturing and supplying products into the pest control market. They, along with ourselves are committed to providing high quality and fast acting solutions to vermin control.

We have added the basics of the LODI range to our website, the rest
will be added shortly, in the meantime please call Ian on 07803 596660 with your requirements.

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