AS Hectolitre Weigher Cylinder

Product code: ASHC
An easy to use Hectolitre Weigher for Wheat / Barley & Oats

The AS Hectolitre Cylinder whilst appearing very simple is a precise unit for determining 'Bushel Weight'  in grains & seeds.

This unit has been tested against 'legal' commercial weighers and if the instructions are carefully followed it gives a very fair and representative reading.

In numerous tests it attained an accurancy of less than 0.5kg /hectolitre against a tested sample.

Whilst the accuracy of this weigher is very good, when used correctly, It must NOT been used for commercial purposes and is only supplied to give a 'guide'. No claims or warranty is offered with this unit.

Any digital scale can be used or one can be purchased with the AS Hectolitre Cylinder

Condition New


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