AVC300 Instruction Manual


AVC300F Operating Instructions.
1. Review the front panel drawing (Dia 4) and note the key numbering sequence 1  to 8
2. Keys 1 and 2 are used in conjunction with the other 6 keys to adjust settings
3. Key 3 %RH
    A) Check the ACTUAL RH read by the ambient sensor
    B) Set Target (high value of RH) use keys 1&2. The controller starts the fan  ventilating if ACTUAL RH is less
         than SET TARGET RH. 
    C) Set the low value of RH (use keys 1&2). The controller stops the fan ventilating if ACTUAL RH is less than
          LOW RH.
4. Key  4 TEMP
     A) ACTUAL Check the ambient temperature read by the ambient sensor
     B) TARGET TEMP set with keys 1&2 , When ambient temperature is less than TARGET ventilation will start
          and stop when TARGET is exceeded.
     C) DIFF SET set with keys 1&2 , sets difference between Ambient and Average Crop Temperature for auto 
     D) CROP TEMP  check connected crop probes with keys 1&2 .
     E) AVERAGE  Check average of connected crop probes, as standard this is the temperature used for d
          differential cooling.
     F) HI PROBE check what the highest crop probe is.
    C,D,E and F are only visible if Diff mode is selected and the system has crop probes
        This key allows the operator to view which function the system is checking and  operating in at any time.  
        Press Key 5 during the check mode to move onto the next check. Refer to flow chart for check sequence
6. KEY 6. MODE The fan can be manually controlled or selected to run in automatic
    A) MANUAL OFF, Ventilation stopped at ALL time.
    B) MANUAL ON, Ventilation runs at ALL times
    C) AUTO MODE, Ventilation is under automatic control. Select Drying (RH Mode) ,Cooling (Temperature 
         Mode) , RH and Temp mode or Diff and RH mode with keys 1 and 2
7. KEY 7. CLOCK 
    A)  The real time clock can be adjusted using keys 1&2, after adjustment press clock key to re-start clock
          (flashing colon)
     B) SYSTEM ON, The system can be controlled by the clock, to set system ON time use keys 1&2, Automatic
          ventilation is enabled.
     C) SYSTEM OFF, to set system OFF time use keys 1&2, all ventilation is disabled during the OFF period
     D) FAN run time shown for the last 24Hrs (Not re-settable)
     E) Total fan run time, Reset by pressing KEY 1 and KEY 2 at the same time.
    NOTE. To disable the system on/off function set SYSTEM ON and SYSTEM OFF
                 time to zero
8) KEY 8.  Used to enter secret setting - wait time.
            Hold Key 7 (clock) and Key 8 for 6 seconds to enter wait time.
            This time will limit the amount of times the fan can start per hour.
            If wait time is set to 15 minutes then the maximum time the fan can start
            Would be 4 time per hour.


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