Big Brute c/w HEPA Filter


The use of vacuum cleaning systems within the workplace are meeting stricter and more controlled legislation from the HSE, it is therefore vital to ensure that all vacuum systems that discharge air within the workplace meet these regulations.

The Big Brute HEPA Industrial Vacuum Cleaners have HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrester) filters fitted for high efficiency cleaning of the discharged air either to H13 (99.95 Micron) or H14 (99.995 Micron - Silica)

Our machines come as standard with:-
5m of Heavy Duty hose
1m Aluminium Gulper Tool
Removable internal discharge spigot, (list price £117) which enables the use of disposable or reusable waste bags.
Spare primary filter.

Once you have chosen any extras from the Drop Down Menu your Big Brute Vacuum Cleaner is 'ready to go'.

Standard Big Brute filters are used to progressively remove particles of dust and dirt from the airflow as it passes through the system, before discharging into the atmosphere, the air passes through the high-capacity HEPA filter, housed at the rear of the Big Brute Vacuum Cleaner. HEPA filters are issued with their own certificate, so can be recorded and traced to comply with any regulations.

Air flow meters which measure the efficiency of the HEPA filter are available at time of purchase or as a retro-fit. Due to their nature HEPA filters are not a low cost option, therefore the changing of the filter on a 'date basis' does not always make the most economic sense, a machine that is used every 3-4 weeks for a couple of hours at a time most probably wont require the filter being changed annually, however a machine that is used everyday for 4-5 hours per day in a very dusty environment will require the HEPA filter to be changed more frequently.

The life of ANY HEPA filter will depend on the quality and cleanliness of the main filtering system, it is therefore VITAL to ensure that ALL filters on any vacuum system are fitted correctly, regularly cleaned and should they get damaged thrown away and a NEW replacement fitted.
Filters CANNOT be repaired with Gaffer Tape!

HEPA filtration modules can be retro fitted to all dry Big Brute machines or at the time of purchase (the Suck & Blow power unit is required if not already fitted).

See the Drop Down Menu for the Standard Options available - if in doubt as to what you might need please call us on 01763 260380

Special length hoses, Interceptor Bins, Suck & Dump units are also available, please contact Ian on 07803 596660 with your specific requirements.

A Big Brute Vacuum Cleaner, if maintained correctly is an investment for 20yrs+, it is NOT a low cost imported unit made of cheap plastic and low grade materials that will fall apart 2days after the guarantee runs out. ALL spare parts are still available (if required) for machines that were built over 25yrs ago.

Condition New


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