Big Brute Vacuum Cleaner

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To start with, our 'honesty policy', the Big Brute Vacuum Cleaner is NOT the cheapest industrial vacuum cleaner on the market! - if you are 'looking for cheap' please try ebay.

What you get with a Big Brute is over 30yrs of experience in the manufacture & supply of vacuum cleaners to industry & the agricultural sector - the latter who it has to be said are not renowned for looking after some of their equipment!! Having said that there are still many machines operating on farms after 20+yrs with only the replacement of filters and the occassional hose.

The Big Brute has tremendous suction power which means you can attach very long suction hoses without losing suction. Clean the furthest reaches of your grain store, warehouse or production facility without having to drag your vacuum cleaner around with you.

It's larger diameter hoses are ideal for cleaning bulky material without blocking - which means you can clean up more quickly.

It has a bigger drum so you can clean for longer without having to stop and empty it, we can also supply a range of Interceptor Bins or Self Emptying Bulk Hoppers / Tote Bins so we can tailor a system to your requirements.

Its double filters cope with fine dusts meaning better suction and less motor damage. Plus its many emptying options mean there are fewer health and safety issues with emptying the Big Brutes - even when full of heavy waste.

Clean up quicker - clean up more safely - clean up with the Big Brute

Our Big Brute Popular & Big Brute Warehouseman Vacuum Cleaners come with the removable internal spigot as standard,  thus enabling the use of removable waste bags, it adds a small amount to the cost of the basic machine, but it is an expensive retro fit, plus with ever stricter HSE enforcement regarding dust pollution, it will only be a matter of  time that all dust / waste is collected and disposed of in a sealed bag.

Please use drop down menu for accessories or if you have a specific requirement please contact Ian on 07803 596660

Accessories - see options menu
Floor, Wall and Ceiling Kit
Warehouseman Front Floor Brush - update your existing machine
Mole Under - Floor Cleaning Tool
Extra Large Filter - vital when using front brush
Filter Shaker
Easy Empty Lift Out Bag - reuseable and disposable

Suitable Applications
Cleaning Wood Shops and Joinery Shops
Grain and Animal Feed Stores
Foundry dust
Plastics injection moulding waste / chips

Floor Wall Ceiling Kit
1 x V25 63mm to 38mm Reducer
1 x V26 Stainless Steel Crank
2 x V27 470mm Stainless Steel Tube
1 x V28 1220m Aluminium Extension Tube
1 x V29 Height-Adjustable 355mm-wide Dry Floor Brush
1 x V30 152mm Round Brush
1 x V41 Tool Bag

When using your standard standard Big Brute where a very fine dust is present eg foundries, flour mills etc we strongly recommend the addition of the 'Extra Filter' -   which is already included in The Warehouseman price - if in doubt call Ian on 07803 596660

ensure you choose the correct voltage - pneumatic versions are available, call Ian on 07803 596660 for more details

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