Big Brute Vacuum Cleaners

Big Brute Vacuum Cleaners are renowned as being the "industry standard" when it comes to vacuum cleaners and dust extraction, especially within the agricultural sector - where it can be said they do have quite an 'abused life', with many machines still in operation after 25yrs.
So your machine remains in good condition we recommend that ALL filters  are examined reguarly and changed if any damage has occurred.  

THE REPAIR OF DAMAGED FILTERS WITH GAFFER TAPE IS NOT SATISFACTORY OR RECOMMENDED - a damaged filter = knackered motor = lots of money for new motors OR a very expensive green wheelie bin!

Big Brute Vacuum Cleaners can be configured for many applications:
Front Brush for Warehouse & Workshop Floors
Cone bottom self emptying,
Fork lift handing,
Tote Bins,
HEPA Air Filtration to HSE Standards
Compressed air motors, - high risk flammable/explosive areas,
Suck & Pump units - the applications are endless.

If you have a workplace environment that has dust or liquid for movement, the chances are, we can configure a Big Brute to move it.

When the Big Brute is being used with either; a Front Mounted Brush or in an evironment where there is a very fine dust, an 'Extra Large Filter' is STRONGLY recommended.

If you require an extraction system for dust, woodchip, metal swarf or liquids the Big Brute range of vacuum cleaners along with particle separation can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.
Please contact Ian on +44 (0)7803 596660 or email HERE
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