Big Brute Wet 'n'Dry


Similar in construction to the standard Big Brute, the Wet 'n' Dry is ideal for clearing out drains and areas where there is water or a mixture of water and particles. The strong suction motors will lift mud & debris up to a diameter of approx 1.5", anything larger, up to 1/2 brick size, the vacuum will hold this onto the end of the 1m long 'gulper tool' when it can be removed by hand.

The kit comprises;
3600 watt 230v motor
Drum on 4 wheeled chassis with a 51mm dump valve,
Wet and Dry Filters.
1 metre long 63mm diameter gulper tool for big rough cleaning. 
3 metres of Polyurethane Big Brute hose with reinforced steel bent ends.
10 metres of electrical cable with plug.

Condition New


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