ComPro Stainless Steel Soil Compaction Meter

The Soil Penometre (Soil Compaction Tester) gives quick answers to the questions you need to ask for SPS Cross-Compliance and about your tillage program and field conditions.

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Soil compaction not only causes drainage problems it can restrict sustainable root development, thus causing weaker & sickly plants more prone to disease and drought

With the AS Professional Soil Penometre you can identify the pan layer and depth and in turn take action with suitable cultivations.
The benefits are an increase in plant root development an increase in fertiliser and all chemical spray effectiveness. 
By reducing a 'pan' there is an increase in overall water retention and availability to the plant root structure thus ensuring a stronger & healthier plant which in turn can reduce input costs.

Stainless Steel Construction - Handle & shaft

Supplied with 2 tips, for use in firm or soft soil

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