Crop Store - Ventillation, Drying, Sampling, Moisture Testing etc

We are constantly sourcing new products to assist with Crop Store Management.

If you cannot see what you require here, or wish for more information on a specific product please call Ian on 07803 596660 or email

We are happy to supply products to Europe & RoW, however due to the vast array of items we sell please contact us for an individual shipping charge.

Are you looking to increase your wheat or OSR storage capacity? Have you looked at farmer owned storage facilities and blinked at the cost? For 'fixed rate' storage, No 'joining fee', No capital outlay cost whilst retaining ownership & 'selling rights' in Temperature Monitored Ventilated Stores, with on-site laboratory testing and a fleet of lorries to move your grain? Contact David Rand or Tom Clarkson at Rand Brothers by clicking HERE

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