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agri-shop Ventilation Pedestal Fans


Applies to models:- F2 Single Phase Fan,    F2 Three Phase Fan       F3 Three Phase Fan


Inspect your fan immediately within 24 hours of arrival

On receipt examine your fan for damage that may have occurred during transport. Check that the cover on the top of the fan, and the small plastic cooling fan underneath this cover, are both intact and the cooling fan rotates freely.  Make sure the main fan impeller is rotating freely. There should be no contact between the impeller and the fan casing.

(NB. Do not carry out these checks if the fan is connected to an electricity supply).

 If the fan shows any sign of damage on arrival - DO NOT USE IT. Report any damage immediately to your supplier. Any damage not reported within 24 hours of receipt of the fan will not be considered as a warranty claim.


Extension leads

Each fan is normally fitted with a 3m cable. If you intend to extend the cable to the power supply any additional extension lead must be of the correct thickness for the length of the extension. Extension leads should be multi-stranded 2 core and earth cable (Models F2 –1ph) or multi-stranded 3 core and earth cable (Models F2 3ph and F3 3ph), with each core of the following thickness:

up to 25 metres - 1.25mm            up to 50 metres - 2.5mm  up to 100 metres - 4.0mm

If in doubt about the size of extension lead, consult a qualified electrician for advice.


Make sure the power supply is correct for the fan

Fan Model



Maximum Operating Current


Single Phase - 230 volts


7.3 amps


Three Phase – 415 volts


2.72 amps


Three Phase – 415 volts


5.2 amps


When installing the fan it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the fan is operating at the correct voltage and at less than the maximum operating current. This check should be made at the point where the electric supply is connected to the fan and should be conducted while the fan is under load and operating in the storage circumstances in which it is to be used.


It is important to check the voltage and amps immediately after switching the fan on. The amps will increase to a very high level for a split second when the fan is switched on. If the amps do not return quickly to the normal operating amps level or the voltage is incorrect - SWITCH THE FAN OFF STRAIGHT AWAY!  Failure to do so is very likely to cause damage to the motor.




Fit thermal overload protection

Electrical installation regulations require all motors larger than 0.75HP to be installed with thermal overload protection. This is to prevent overload burnout that can result from fluctuating voltage, voltage reduction when other machinery is switched on or free-air use of the fan (see below). Agri-store supplies a combined fan starter, thermal overload and under voltage release. We strongly advise use of this item to protect your fan against damage due to overload and low voltage. It is a small price to pay compared with the cost of a replacement fan motor. Failure to fit and use a thermal overload with your fan will invalidate any warranty claim.


Normal fan operating conditions

Each fan should normally operate below the maximum operating current when used on a Pile-Dry Pedestal in grain stored at the recommended depth for the Pedestal. This is because the grain creates a resistance to airflow (or back pressure), which the fan works against. When there is no resistance a motor without thermal overload protection can overheat and will burn out unless the fan is switched off. This means that you should not use the fan unless it is on a Pedestal in a stored crop.


Abnormal fan operation in difficult storage conditions

Some stored crops may not always create enough resistance to airflow and the thermal overload fitted may frequently cut the power supply to the fan. Circumstances in which this might occur include:

-         grain which is too shallow

-         bulk stored potatoes which are dry, very large or too shallow

-         peas or beans which are very dry or too shallow


There are no definitive conditions where air resistance may be too low, but the user should be aware that a combination of circumstances could lead to this. For example, the supply voltage may be too low when other machinery on the farm is also in use; potatoes being ventilated may be too shallow and they may be large and dry so allowing relatively easy passage of air. Taken individually, these circumstances may allow correct operation of the fan. Taken together, the fan may draw too many amps and the thermal overload will automatically switch the fan off to prevent damage.


To enable the fan to operate successfully, without changing the status of the stored crop, it is possible to restrict the airflow through the fan and achieve a reduction in operating current. Simple ways to do this are to apply sticky tape over one of the rows of holes in the fan outlet guard or to lay plastic sheeting over the surface of the crop.



agri-shop fans and motors are guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of purchase against mechanical and electrical manufacturing defects. To claim under warranty, the equipment should be returned, at the claimant’s expense, to the supplier with a written explanation of the problem. Should there prove to be a defect or malfunction caused by faulty parts or workmanship, it will be repaired or replaced and returned to the claimant without charge. If a warranty claim is rejected, the cost of replacement or repair will be notified to the claimant before any work is carried out.


Any warranty claim will automatically be invalidated if the equipment has been modified or internally tampered with in any way. Damage or faults occurring to the equipment which have been caused by inappropriate use of the equipment or by use not in accordance with these instructions will not be covered under warranty. Whatever the circumstances of use of the equipment, and whatever the operating conditions, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the equipment is capable of operating correctly and that all safety regulations are adhered to.
agri-shop will not accept any responsibility for any loss or injury arising from misuse of the equipment or any use that is not in accordance with these instructions.


Under no circumstances will AGRISTORE  re-imburse any costs associated with a warranty claim if these costs have been incurred without agreement in advance. 


Under the terms of warranty for the equipment under no circumstances will liability exceed the cost of replacement or repair.
agri-shop will not be liable for any consequential or indirect loss suffered by purchasers or users of the equipment, whether this loss arises from correct or incorrect use of the equipment, defect or malfunction caused by faulty parts or workmanship or in any other way. Non-exhaustive illustrations of consequential or indirect loss are loss of profits, loss of contracts and damage to property.


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