Filters / Conditioners & Breathers

Due to changes in fuels over the past few years (such as the increasing percentage of biofuel in diesel and gas oil), machinery and engines now demand more advanced filtration systems. Due to this our suppliers have increased their range fuel filters, which are fitted after the fuel pump or dispenser itself, consequently protecting your vehicle.

Filter size has increased on water and particle kits from 30 to 10 microns, offering a finer filtration on clear bowl filters – which are especially popular in the agriculture and plant sectors.

We are distributors for Cim-Tek filters and will be adding a more compact version of the 400 series filter to our shop very shortly. This filter is ideal for use with pumps or gravity systems, and is much more user friendly when fitted in tank cabinets – making the filter much easier to change.

The addition of a new ‘dual filter head’ offers water and particle removal to just 2 micron and handles pumping speeds of up to 130L/min. again this will be added shortly to purchase on-line.

We can also offer fuel testing for diesel bugs. A new on-site test takes just 10 minutes, or you can opt for a more comprehensive laboratory test that also analyses the fuel sample and confirms what percentage of biofuel is present.

Before ordering filter elements, please check the make & part number of your existing filters - if in doubt call Ian on 07803 596660