Fox Traps

Two sizes available for either urban or countryside foxes.

Our Fox Traps are offered as ground entry, walk-in, treadle-operated, drop-door fox traps in two different sizes.

We can supply two sizes of trap, a large capacity cage trap for countryside fox control and a slightly smaller model for use in built-up urban areas - REMEMBER, you can catch a small fox in a large trap but not a large fox in a small trap

The  LARGE RURAL FOX TRAP is 174 cm x 62cm x 62cm. For best results  we recommend that the bait is placed in a shallow scrape immmediately under the floor of the trap, beyond the treadle. Back this up with small portions of bait just under the surface of the ground, outside the trap. This is because rural foxes like to dig for their food. This will attract foxes to the site. It may help to disguise the trap with fallen branches if in woodland or plastic bags/sheet/wood if in a farmyard or around poultry houses. The large fox trap is best suited for catching foxes visiting poultry units and should be placed around be sides or back of the buildings. Dead poultry can be used as bait. Think where you would like to postion your fox trap as the chances of a successful capture are greatly increased if the trap is positioned in a fox run or over a hole in a fence or hedge that the fox has been regularly using.

The urban fox trap is smaller in size (154cm x 47cm x 47cm) than the rural fox trap. again it is a ground entry, walk-in, treadle operated, drop-door trap. The treadle rod to the drop-door is protected its entire lenght by a mesh guard to stop any damage by a captured fox.

The urban fox trap is well suited to pest control operators working in city environments. Its dimensions allow it to fit neatly into most small vans or covered run-abouts. Urban fox traps can be baited with ofal or canned dog or cat food. They are best placed in backyards or near to dustbins where the fox is often visiting. If a hole in a fence or hedge is an obvious point of entry for the fox, then placing the trap over the hole or in a fox run will increase the chance of capture. Generally the urban fox is not difficult to catch.

Both units are manufactured from 2" weldmesh

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