HDA Fuel Management System


Complete system for the management of diesel fuels for farmers, hauliers and contractors alike.
Optimisation of fuel used per vehicle/operator, with data downloaded to USB stick, LAN or WiFi.
Monitoring up to 2000 users this system can be fitted with an integral pump or an existing pumping system.

The system comprises of the HDA FM terminal that includes the PC software  (free automatic updates) & USB stick to download the transactions from the  terminal to your PC. Just order the number of vehicle/driver tags required (HDAT).

- Dimensions 330mm H x 305mm W x 150mm D.
- Stores up to 10,000 transactions before downloading is required.
- Download fuelling data to the PC software using the USB stick provided.
- Can assign vehicle tags & driver codes or you can just use the tag on its own.
- Vehicle tags are a proximity type. You can lock & unlock tags.
- Easy to operate override switch (need to open main door to locate).
- Preset amount in litres can be set for each vehicle.
- Connects to pump via existing pulser (we can supply a pulser if required).
- Compatible with a pulse meter ratio between 1 - 1000:1.
- Odometer entry option, odometer maximum distance option.
- Messages can be sent for drivers & vehicles to the FM terminal.
- Weatherproof for outdoor use, suitable for wall or tank mounting.
- Options WIFI (HDAW) or LAN (HDAL) prevents the need to download data with the USB stick.
- Units with an integral pump have a flow rate of 55lt or 80litre per minute
- The system is pre-programmed for 5 vehicles/operators so is 'ready to go' when fitted to you tank/pump

Allows The User To View:
 - MPG reports.
 - Fuel used per vehicle/driver.
 - Vehicle groups or departments.
 - Transaction totals.
 - Information by selecting a date range.
 - An operator by date or vehicle.
 - An individual vehicle by date or operator.

Please contact Ian on 07803 596660 to discuss your requirements

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