Humimeter BM2 - Biomass / Woodchip Moisture Meter


Due to unprecedented demand, we have limited stock of these products. Please contact Ian on 07803 596660 to check stock availability BEFORE ordering.

This unit comes with a Calibration Certificate, factory price £85, and we offer a 2nd year certificate FOC*

The Humimeter BM2 is ideal for suppliers and operator of heating plants using biomass.


  • Measuring range 5% to 60% water content depending on the material
  • Resolution 0.1% water content
  • Calibration accuracy +/- 1.5%
  • Bulk density compensated by using scales
  • 13 liter sample volume
  • Temperature can be set to °C or °F as required
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Measurement within seconds without prior treatment of samples
  • Sample temperature measurement
  • Hold function, manual saving of results, data log for  10.000 logs with measuring point report
  • Large, well-lit LC display
  • Robust stainless housing
  • Customer calibration function for special products
  • Online function for data tansfer
  • Supplier's data and batch number can be recorded
  • PC interface, PC software and USB adapter
  • Measuring bucket,
  • Digital scales with power supply unit
  • Optional: factory calibration certificate, printer
  • All batteries supplied
Batteries - for some reason that the manufacturers cannot understand, readings may be inaccurate when using Duracel batteries. Whilst we are not bringing into disrepute the Duracell name, their battery range or the quality of their products we strongly recommend the use of other brands.
DO NOT use re-chargeable batteries

*2nd year calibration include new batteries but carriage to & from our offices will be charged at cost.

Humimeter BM2
Name Of Calibration Curve     Volume      % Limit

2.0kg Woodchips to P16        2.00kg       28%
2.4kg Woodchips to P16        2.40kg       35%
2.8kg Woodchips to P16        2.80kg       40%
3.5kg Woodchips to P16        3.50kg       50%
4.5kg Woodchips to P16        4.50kg       60%
2.8kg Coarse WC to P45       2.80kg       50%
3.5kg Coarse WC to P45       3.50kg       50%
2.8kg Fresh WC                       2.80kg      50%
3.5kg Fresh WC                       3.50kg      50%
2.4kg Barks                              2.40kg       35%
2.8kg Barks                              2.80kg       50%
5.0kg Pellets                             5.00kg      14%
1.0kg Shavings                         1.00kg      20%
1.3kg Sawdust                          2.00kg       50%
1.0kg Miscanthus –                  1.00kg       25%               

Condition New


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