Humimeter FS3


Measuring range: 0 - 40% moisture content
Calibration accuracy: 0.4%

The FS3 is a food and luxury food moisture meter for peeled and unpeeled raw coffee, roast and ground coffee, cocoa beans, poppy seeds, rape, pumpkin seeds, peas, soybeans, scarlet runner beans, wheat, peeled, unpeeled and brown rice, linseed, sesame, sorghum and buckwheat;  Cashew Nuts (shells off), additional products on request.

Only the exact moisture measurement of food and special fruits allows fair payment for producers, traders and end customers. Therefore the quality control of grain and food is of particular importance. Using a high quality moisture meter you can prevent machine problems and avoid paying the high product price only for water.

The Humimeter FS3 Food and luxury food moisture meter enables an easy and quick measuring procedure. Switch on the measuring instrument, fill in your sample and read off the moisture content from the LCD. The measuring values can be stored on the device.

With the FS3-USB the measuring values can also be transferred to a PC or mobile printer. The integrated online function enables the transfer of stored data to other programs.

 Measurement within seconds without prior treatment of samples
 Hold function
 Manual saving of results
 Datalog for 10.000 logs with measuring point report
 Supplier´s data and batch number can be recorded
 Robust stainless housing
 Large LCD display with backlight resolution 0.1%
 Calibration accuracy to reference material +/-0.4%
 Sample temperature measurement
 Automatic temperature compensation
 Measuring range 5 to 40% (depending on the material)
 Hectoliter compensated
 Temperature can be set to °C or °F as required

The FS3 is delivered as a complete kit including:
 - FS3 gauge,
 - digital scale (max.500g, 0,1g),
 - measuring cup 0,5 liter,
 - plastic case,
 - 4 pcs. 1,5Volt AA Alkaline batteries.

The FS3-USB is delivered as a complete kit including:
 - FS3 gauge,
 - digital scale (max.500g, 0,1g),
 - measuring cup 0,5 liter,
 - plastic case,
 - 4 pcs. 1,5Volt AA Alkaline batteries.
 - USB data output connection,
 - Software & USB cable.    

Measuring range    0 up to 40% depending on the material
Resolution    0.1% water content
0.5°C temperature
Sample weight    150 g - 310 g (depending on the material)
Calibration accuracy     +/- 0.4%
Menu languages    English, German, French, Italian
Housing    Gauge: Plastique
Reservoir: Stainless Steel
Display    LCD 128 x 64 mm, display with backlight
Power    4x 1.5 Volt AA batteries
Current consumption     60mA (with light)
Temperature compensation    automatically
Operation temperature     0 up to +40°C
Auto Switch OFF    after app. 6 minutes
Dimensions    260 x 70 x 250 mm
Weight     approx. 1.3 kg (with batteries)
Degree of protection    IP 40
Warranty    2 years

Name                         Material               Fill Quantity          Range
300g wheat                  wheat                   300g              5 up to 28%
300g rape                    rape                     300g              5 up to 18%
230g pumpkin              pumpkin seeds     230g              2 up to 20%
310g peas                    peas                    310g              5 up to 25%
300g soybeans            soybeans             300g              9 up to 18%
277g beetle bean         beetle beans        277g             8 up to 25%
300g rice peeled          rice peeled           300g             9 up to 25%
250g rice unpe.            rice unpeeled       250g             4 up to 30%
300g rice brown            rice brown            300g             4 up to 26%
285g raw cof. pe.          raw coffee peeled 285g            9 up to 18%
180g raw cof.unp. - raw coffee unpeeled  180g             5 up to 40%
160g coffee roa.           roasted coffee        60g             3 up to 20%
150g coffee kib.            kibbled coffee       150g            2 up to 10%
300g poppy                  poppy                    300g            5 up to 15%
220g cocoa bean         cocoa beans          220g            4 up to 20%
300g flax seeds            flax seeds              300g            7 up to 15%
280g sesame                sesame                 280g            3 up to 10%
300g sorghum              sorghum                300g            5 up to 15%
300g buckwheat           buckewheat           300g            5 up to 18%

Cashew nuts (shelled) - specification to follow

Condition New


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