K-ObiolĀ® ULV 6


K-Obiol® ULV 6 is a modern pyrethroid formulation containing Deltamethrin, synergised with Piperonyl Butoxide for the control of all major stored product insects known to infest grain and pulses. This Pyrethroid formulation is an ideal alternative to organo-phosphorus formulations.

Ready to Use

K-Obiol® ULV 6 is a ready to use liquid grain protectant for the control of stored product pests including crawling insects such as grain weevils, flour beetles, grain borers, saw-toothed grain beetles, bean weevils and flying insects such as rice moths, indian meal moths and grain moths for up to 12 months.

The pack connects directly to application machinery so there is no measuring or pouring required. This system reduces the risk of application errors, has no concentrate to expose operators to & allows load rates to be maintained

An Economic Necessity

Todays’ food industry demands a high standard of cleanliness and traceability from its raw material suppliers. K-Obiol® ULV 6 can help you ensure your product is fit to market by controlling the pests that physically damage grain, which in turn reduces the risk of microbial infection.

Application rate

4.2 LITRES OF K-Obiol® ULV 6 is sufficient to treat 100 tons of grain. The application rate of 42 ml per tonne (or 42mg/kg) means the MRL is not breeched and is 8 times less than accepted limits.

ULV application technology

Take control of pest problems in your grain at the touch of a button. Whether you are managing grain storage on farm or a large commercial facility - Lodi can provide the application equipment to meet your needs.  A range of robust on farm solutions either mobile or static. Bespoke installations capable of running multiple applications and handling high throughputs K-Obiol® ULV 6 and Lodi take the worry out of controlling grain pest problems:-

- No handling of concentrate

- No ‘on site water requirement’

- No mixing
- Easy flow rate adjustment

- Fast throughputs

- Accurate application

- Cost effective pest control that sets new standards of safety for grain, operator and the nvironment.

K-OBIOLULV15    15 litre (enough for 357 tons of grain)

K-Obiol®ULV 6 contains

Deltamethrin @ 6gms /litre. Piperonly butoxide @ 54gms / litre. Deltamethrin is widely known throughout Europe as a modern Pyrethroid insecticide

This product cannot be purchased through our web-shop, please contact Ian on 07803 596660 with your requirements.

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