Moisture & Protein Analysers

We offer a comprehensive range of analysers, either for field/store use, on-board combine monitors, grain dryer recording, Bushel/hectolitre weighing, Protein/Nitrogen testing and due to the fact we are not totally aligned to any one brand, we are able to offer an unbiased view.  We are one of the main UK distributors of Wile Moisture Meters, you will see these units for sale on eBay from the US for approximately £260. These are NOT calibrated to UK grain specification and are totally inaccurate, despite what they might say & re-calibration is approx £110.00 + vat.
We offer a free check and re-calibration service within 12months of purchase on all Wile Moisture Meters purchased from us - excl. carriage

We have just been appointed UK agents for the Agreto Hay Moisture Probes - see below for details. PLEASE NOTE. The Agreto & Humimeter range of products are manufactured in a euro-zone country, due to currency fluctuation within Europe please contact a member of our sales team to confirm prices BEFORE ordering.

If a product is not listed here, please contact us with your requirements

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  • Humimeter FS1 Grain Moisture Meter

    Humimeter FS1 Grain Moisture Meter

    Hand held unit, ideal for field/combine sampling. measures moisture/temperature and gives a basic guide to hectolitre weight.
  • Wile 55 Moisture Meter

    Wile 55 Moisture Meter

    Whilst the Wile 55 has been around for many years and a favourite to farmers & growers we do feel that the Wile 65 is a better unit with more up to date software. However, the choice is yours.
  • Sinar Agripro Moisture Meter

    Sinar Agripro Moisture Meter

    Hand held whole grain moisture tester, c/w sturdy carry case. Ideal for Combine/Land Rover or smaller grain stores,
  • Wile Coffee / Cacao Moisture Meter

    Wile Coffee / Cacao Moisture Meter

    Ideal as a unit for giving a good general guide to coffee moisture. Built for rugged use and ideal for the smaller grower/roaster or as a 'pocket' unit in the field.
  • Sinar 6300 - Moisture / Temperature Spear

    Sinar 6300 - Moisture / Temperature Spear

    The Sinar GrainSpear from the UK's leading Sinar specialist is the practical solution for the determination of moisture and temperature in bulk foodstuffs at depths of up to 2 metres
  • Humimeter FS2

    Humimeter FS2

    NEW PRODUCT. Whole grain moisture meter & hectolitre weigher Easy to use on wide variety of crops Robust construction
  • Sinar AP6070 GrainPro

    Sinar AP6070 GrainPro

    Sinar AP6070 - similar to the AP6060 but with improved scale measurement and a simple easy to use digital display for crop selection and an automatic readout giving moisture, temperature and bushel weight on one screen - thus reducing the risk of incorrect data being logged.
  • Sinar AP6070 BeanPro

    Sinar AP6070 BeanPro

    Sinar AP6070 BeanPro is recognised as the industry standard for coffee growers, traders & roasters. With a simple to use digital display for crop selection and ease of filling the measuring cylinder with the correct size sample, the Sinar BeanPro should be on your desk.
  • AgriCheck Moisture, Nitrogen, Protein & H/L Analyser

    AgriCheck Moisture, Nitrogen, Protein & H/L Analyser

    Using the latest in NIR (Near Infra Red) technology the Sinar AgriCheck from Agri-shop Ltd provides an affordable solution for measuring Protein, Nitrogen & Moisture on-farm or at intake. Call Ian on +44 (0) 7803 596660 for pricing & more details.
  • Infraneo Junior Protein Analyser

    Infraneo Junior Protein Analyser

    The Sinar Infraneo from Agri-Shop is a versatile and accurate near infrared analyser that allows you to measure all aspects of your grain - protein, nitrogen, moisture and hectolitre weight - whether in store, intake point or laboratory