Professional Soil pH tester

For the professional groundsman and agronomist we are now the UK agent for the Draminski Soil & Liquid pH Tester. A robust piece of equipment designed for continued & fast field operation.

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Modern design

Dramiński SOIL ACIDITY TESTER is designed based on modern integrated circuits with high level of reliability. The device is controlled by a microprocessor that allows for an accurate and easy operation.
Accurate measurement
Tester is used for identifying concentration of hydrogen ions expressed in pH units. In addition, it allows for measuring temperature (in °C) and voltage (in mV). Results are shown as large, clear digits in LCD display.

In addition to soil pH measurement, the tester may be used to determine liquid acidity (e.g. fodder).

The device is equipped in a temperature probe that allows for automatic compensation and measurement of temperature.
Soil pH testing directly in the field - thanks to the application of an appropriate casing and a keyboard, the device may be held and operated with one hand, which is very important during measurements in the field.

The tester works with all types of pH-meter electrodes with a typical BNC-50 connector.

The device turns off after being inactive for 3 minutes.

The set includes:
pH-metric (glass) probe,
Temperature probe,
2 buffers for calibrating the pH-metric probe,
1 x 9V 6F-22 type battery,
Carry Case - made of plastic for field use.

Condition New


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