QuadX Supermount


The Supermount System fixes to the underside of almost all ATVs and can be used with numerous Quad-X attachments. Quick release clips allow easy attachment and removal of the front mount accessories.  As with all front mount systems the supermount system requires a manual or electric lift.
The Supermount System is the fastest fitting, most versatile system on the market and can easily turn your ATV into a work machine.  
The Supermount system is fixed permanently to your ATV and can work with much heavier loads than either of the basic mount systems.  It also offers the best ground clearance, even in rough terrain thanks to considerable R&D invested in the mount system.  Attachments can be lifted very high since the pivot point is at the front.  This allows you to use your quad for other jobs around the farm, even with the attachments fitted.    
The Supermount offers a unique implement quick release mechanism, allowing you to remove accessories in less than 10 seconds.  This sytem offers 5 different positions so you can angle the accessories left/right.  Used with a yard scraper the Supermount System allows you to scrape backwads and get close to end walls down narrow passageways.
If you have very heavy loads to push or want to able to attach accessories like the sweeper power brush or front bucket, the Supermount System would be the ideal choice. If you want to order an attachment or a lift mechanism please go back to Front Mount Attachments and click on the attachment you require e.g Yard Scraper and choose the appropriate attachment and desired lifting kit.
Even in rough terrain, thanks to considerable R& D
Gives Attachment high lift allowing field use without having to remove the attachment.
Can use ATV for other jobs around the farm, even with the attachment fitted
Developed to prevent minimum obstruction therefore can stay on your ATV all year round.

Please contact Ian on 07803 596660 for more details

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