Re-Circulating Pump Unit


Why Do I Need To Re-Circulate My Fuel?
- Contaminated fuel inside storage tanks can cause pump or vehicle filters to block, in some cases resulting in hefty repair bills.
- These issues are caused by microbial contamination (often known as diesel bugs which are micro-organisms that grow on water present in fuel) biofuel is hygroscopic (attracts water).
- The latest fuels contain a % of bio-fuel (up to 7%) & provide an ideal breeding ground for these bugs.
- Even a small % of bio-fuel acts as a detergent cleaning the inside of storage tanks & pipework allowing dirt/sludge to be sucked up by pumps, blocking filters. This sludge also contributes to poor emissions (seen as black exhaust smoke).
- Over time these microbes/bugs grow into large colony forming units (CFUs) which get sucked into fuel lines blocking filters.
- Microbial contamination is mostly seen as sludge that forms in the bottom of storage tanks & filters.
- Storage tanks particularly those with low useage require a permanent system to keep the microbes/bugs dormant by re-circulating the fuel to ensure an efficient microbial treatment.

Kit Specification:
- Circulates & prevent degradation of fuel inside storage tanks.
- Passes through a fuel conditioner to prevent microbial growth.
- Fuel is automatically circulated for a preset number of timed periods to ensure tank contents is recirculated 11.2 times every 28 days.
- When the pump flow rate drops below a preset limit (indicating a clogged filter) the flow switch closes & a warning light flashes.
- Can link to our remote warning device (RWD2)
- External alarm outputs, rated at 230VAC 10A max.
- For use with diesel/biodiesel up to B30. (B100 version optional)
- Features a 230V pump unit, inlet strainer, fuel conditioner, flow switch, filter clogged warning light, timer & mains junction box.
- Mounted on a wall/tank mounting plate dimensions 520mm H x 420mm W x 230mm D. Compete unit is weatherproof.

We offer two types of filter, the clear bowl (c/w 15micron filter)  which has a drain tap or the Cimtek 10micron cartridge filter. For the extra cost we recommend fitting both - the clear bowl as the primary, so any water build up can easily be drained off, this would prolong the life and efficiency of the Cimtek filter.

See Drop Down Box for variants.

Pipework from the tank to the  Re-Circulating or from the Re-Circulating unit back to the tank is NOT included - Please contact us with your requirements.

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