Robylink Wire Free Systems


The Robylink FreeLance Temperature Probe System combines Robydome's well proven technology in temperature monitoring with wire free capabilities.

We openly admit the Robylink Free Lance system is NOT the cheapest on the market, nor is it the most expensive! However, through extensive trials on farms & in commercial stores it is now probably the most user friendly and accurate system on the market at a realistic price with, in most cases, the ability to 'grow the system' if required.

Without the need for an Internet connection and monthly contract to store & retrieve your data, the Robylink system can be used to monitor in excess of 1000 crop probes in 32 different zones (within one complex). This would equate to well in excess of 250,000 tonnes - dependant on the probe spacing

Satellite stores that have Internet capabilities can also be monitored using your own 'farm/store network' - again with no monthly data retrieval / storage costs.

The largest single installation to date, fitted by ourselves is the 25,0000 OSR store at Rand Brothers, near Royston, Hertfordshire. This store measuring 100metres in length 30metres wide was constructed in 2012.  The temperature monitoring system was integrated into the existing wired system covering a further 100,000 tonnes - most of which was supplied by ourselves. A new 25,000 tonne store is under construction on this site for the 2016 harvest and again we are pleased to say that David Rand has asked us to install the crop temperature monitoring system and supply the ventilation fans for this store.

This system can also be used in conjunction with the AVC Thermo/Humidistat Fan Control Unit for stored crop ventilation/drying as well as the RobyText data transmitting system for off-site monitoring - this information can be sent to a mobile phone, PC, iPad etc.

Please contact Ian on 07803 596660 for more details.

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