Sinar AP6070 GrainPro

Sinar AP6070 - similar to the AP6060 but with improved scale measurement and a simple easy to use digital display for crop selection and an automatic readout giving moisture, temperature and bushel weight on one screen - thus reducing the risk of incorrect data being logged.

As a main UK supplier for Sinar we are able to offer an unrivalled service for one of the most widely respected grain analysers on the market today. These units give a fast, accurate & consistent results time after time with the minimum of fuss - no grinding, no separate scales, no charts to cross reference to, just the push of a button.

The unique Sinar GrainPro simultaneously measures the capacitance, weight and temperature of the sample and displays an accurate moisture, hectolitre weight and sample temperature on the display. This unit is NOT suitable for coffee or cocoa

Simply pour the sample into the measurement bowl, press 2 buttons and the GrainPro displays the results in approximately 6 seconds.

The unique technology allows you to measure samples with the minimum of preparation and has no detrimental effect on the sample tested. Simply pour in and pour back out again.

The Sinar GrainPro comes ready calibrated for Wheat, Barley, Oats, Peas, Field Beans, Linseed, Oilseed and Rye but can store calibration data for up to 25 commodities allowing it to be tailored to the customer’s exact requirements.

A large catalogue of calibrations has been built up and refined over the past 20 years allowing the Sinar GrainPro to deliver fast accurate results for hundreds of diverse applications.

It’s easy to read alphanumeric display means that switching from measuring one commodity to another is as simple as choosing from a list.

When the enclosed measuring jug is used correctly, Hectolitre weights indicated give a very good guide.

If 'High Accuracy' Hectolitre Weighing using a calibrated measuring cylinder is required  please contact Ian on 07803 596660 for details.

Product Features
Accuracy: Typically 0.3 STD for %mc and 1.0 kg/hl STD for specific weight
Repeatability: 0.05 to 0.15 STD for %mc
Measurement Range: 1 to 35% mc dependant on application
Operating Environment: 0 to 55 °C
Dimensions: 325mm x 164mm x 120 mm
Weight: 2.2 kg
Power Supply: 4 x C size 1.5V Alkaline Batteries
Sample Cell: 290ml Volume, 20 – 240g
Printer Output: RS232C, 300 or 4800 baud
Processor: Intel 8DC31 microprocessor
Memory: 35K EPROM, 32K RAM

If you require more information about this product please call Ian on 07803 596660 or email your request by clicking HERE

Condition New


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