Smartprobe Grain Temperature Probe


The Grainsafe SmartProbe is an innovative grain temperature monitoring probe which enables you to monitor grain temperatures without the need to regularly climb on heaps of grain, reducing health and safety risks and the risk of grain contamination.

Designed to deliver all of the benefits of more complicated and expensive integrated temperature monitoring systems, the rechargeable SmartProbe is left in the grain 24/7 and visually reports temperatures via an array of LED lights.

Smartprobe comprises two parts and comes with a removable main LED module and either a two metre or four metre fibreglass probe - see Drop Down menu for probe length

The probes are interchangeable and can be folded for transport between sites.

Integrated LED optimisation technology - reduces power consumption

Continuously reports grain temperatures via LED lights, can be viewed from a distance, automatically adjusts LED intensity according to background light, optimising both visibility and power consumption

Rechargeable batteries, charger included

Left in the grain 24/7,  up to 6 months continuous use between recharges

Smartprobe can be used across a range of different crops and grain store designs
Two metre or four metre fibreglass probe available, LED Unit is interchangeable between probes

Probe can be folded down for transport between sites or out of season storage 

Condition New