Snow Plough


The Quad-X Snow Plough can be angled left or right to push snow either side. It is spring loaded to cushion collisions with obstacles while adjustable skids give further protection to the atv snow plough.  The black blade which makes contact with the ground is 2 sided and can be reversed or replaced if necessary. We offer widths of 1.2m and 1.5m, however you must consider if your quad is powerful enough when choosing the larger width.

 The quad snow plough requires a front mount system to attach it to. We offer a choice of 2 front mount systems for the snow plough: Basic Angled and Supermount System. The basic angled mount with snow plough is ideal if you have a tight budget. The Quad-X snow plough if used with the Supermount System will give you a much greater ground clearance with the ability to angle the snow plough left/right in 5 positions and to lift the blade much higher. The Supermount system is the strongest front mount and allows much heavier loads to be pushed with the snow plough.  Also if you want to add other attachments to the front mount system then you should choose the Supermount system since it is also compatible with the Quad-X yard scraper, power sweeper, silage pusher and front bucket.

The ATV snow plough also requires a lift system. Electric lift is easier, quicker and smoother, with controls located at the handlebars to lift/lower the yard scraper while moving. If you want to use the lift for pulling heavier loads e.g using with the Quad-X front bucket or towing your quad - then we recommend the ATV winch rated at 1034kg capacity.  For the manual lift you need to stop the ATV and stand up on the footboards to reach the lever.

We offer an optional rubber strip which you can add to the metal snow blade if working on surfaces that require the utmost protection e.g tarmac drives.  However for most situations the metal blade offers the best results in snow clearance, with adjustable skids that offer protection to the surface.

Requires front mount system.
Spring loaded.
Angles left / right.
Adjustable skids.
Replaceable 2-sided blade.
Optional manual or electric Lift.
Optional rubber strip
Width: 1.2m or 1.5m

Please contact Ian on 07803 596660 for more details

Condition New


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