Tank Breather - Water Vapour Trap

Tank Breather - Water Vapour Trap

Virtually all fuels contain a percentage of Bio-Fuel and with that comes the risk of bacteria 'growing' within the fuel. This is increased when fuel is taken from the tank it is replaced by ambient air, which contains a percentage of moisture - the ratio depending on ambient air conditions - so as the air enters the tank the moisture content within the tank increases thus encouraging bacteria to 'grow'

Our dessicant breathers are made with environmentally disposable silica gel, which absorbs and traps moisture while filtering the air down to 2 microns at the same time. These units reduce the amount of condensation within the tank thus reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

The silica gel turns from yellow to green as it absorbs moisture so it is easy to see at a glance when the unit requires changing - Replacement Gel available

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