Things to consider

Things to consider before purchasing fuel storage tanks, pumps, filters, meters, nozzles etc. These might appear to be very basic requirements but it's questions & answers  we have come across with our customers.

What type of fuel do you use? - Derv, Tractor Diesel, Heating Oil.

Where & what type of fuel tank do you have - Plastic/Metal? is this the main tank, are you looking to increase storage capacity, location - is it bunded or near a ditch/water course or drain - do you have a bowser, accessibility - can tankers get to it, can you get your combine & larger tractors near it - easily?

Pumps - how quickly do you need to fill your machinery? - a fast output pump can cause frothing in small tanks or if the incorrect nozzle is used. If it is a 230v pump, can you get a power supply to it? (don’t laugh) Is the supply underground or where cable cannot be caught by machinery?

Delivery hose length - you want it short enough so it’s not unwieldy but then long enough so that you don’t have to get the tractor/combine too close to the tank - is a plough or drill attached, the header attached to combine?

Meters - do you need to know how much fuel each tractor/vehicle is using?

Filtration - ALL Diesel now contains a percentage of Bio-Diesel which in turn contains a percentage of water, in which micro-organisms that are present in bio-fuel can grow, causing a "sludge " to form & block filters & injectors - even damage injector pumps. The use of Tank Water Soakers, Fuel Conditioners & recirculation pumps combined with filtering systems minimize "downtime & costly repairs".

SECURITY - Theft is normally the 'low cost' part when it comes to fuel theft, if diesel was just taken, yes inconvenient, annoying etc but in most instances taps are broken, pipes split or cut, holes drilled in plastic tanks and fuel just left to run out across the yard. This can cost THOUSANDS of pounds in clean up bills & often insurance companies will not pay if adequate security precautions are not taken. One of our customers on the Beds / Cambs border had a clean up bill approaching £5000 for a 400litre fuel spill which was not covered by insurance - no lock on the bowser.