VIALUX 514 - Convex Safety Mirror - Ø400mm


Convex safety mirror featuring an unbreakable and scratch-resistant surface offering a high quality image.

Wide 90º view reduces significantly blind spots around obstructions. Great for use on farms, agricultural sites, in warehouses, factories, and wherever there is a higher risk of collision as a result of restricted view.

Can also be used to assist parking operations in confined spaces, or to allow observation of hidden parts of machinery from a safe working position.

Each mirror supplied complete with easy-to-install universal bolt and bracket kit, suitable for fixing to walls or to posts 60-90mm in diameter. Robust articulated joint allows for precise positioning of the mirror, tested to withstand winds of up to 110mph.

Recommended viewing distance is approximately 5m

Made from POLYMIR® Optics: three-year guarantee
Approx dimensions: Ø 385mm (mirror) / Ø 400mm (inc. frame)
Approx weight: 2.5kg

Condition New


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