Water & Particle Detection / Water Soakers

Have you had your 'daily dip'? OK, maybe a daily dip is not required, but it certainly is worth checking your vehicle tanks on a regular basis, especially if you fill from multiple fuel storage tanks that are not under your control.

All diesel has a percentage of bio-fuel within it, usually 7%, this by its nature contains a percentage of water, which WILL find its way into your vehicle tank if correct filtration is not adherred to. Some 'red diesels' have been found to contain considerable amounts of water and 'foreign matter' which is not condusive to smooth operation of electronic pumps and injectors.

To test whether there is excessive water within the fuel the frequent use of Water Finding Paste is recommended - it is cheaper than having blocked filters or damaged pump / injectors - a modern injector pump can easily set you back £5000 and injectors £1000 each!
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