Wile 25 Hay Moisture/Temperature Probe


- Precision humidity measuring instrument for use with hay and silage
- Digital display
- Suitable for measurements in loose material and in pressed bundles
- The high frequency measuring technique gives exact results of measurement
- Automatic compensation for temperature difference between equipment and environment
- The measured values of a test can be stored, and the average value computed

- Measuring probes are required
- Moisture probe W251 = 50cm
- Moisture probe W252 = 90cm
- Temperature Probe 7020651 approx 1m for The FMG26 or Wile65 and 66
- The connector for the temperature probe is in the bottom of the meter

- Measuring range humidity 10...85%
- Measuring range temperature 0...60°C
- Measuring accuracy humidity +/- 2%
- Measuring accuracy temperature +/- 2°C
- Storage temperature -15... +55°C
 Consists of      - Moisture meter
- Hard plastic case with strap
- 9V Battery
- Instructions
 Technical information      - Battery 9V, 6F22
- Weight 1 kg

- WILE regularly update their scales to ensure they are accurate for current UK
  grown crops.
  Please contact a member of our sales team who can arrange a Wile certified
  calibration and upgrade service, ensuring the unit performs to the manufacturers
  most up-to-date scales.

Condition New