Wile 65 Grain Moisture & Temperature Meter

Product code: 7000650

Precision measuring instrument for measuring moisture in whole grains and seeds
- Menu driven operation in the respective user language
- Easy to handle equipment
- Digital readout
-16 most popular grain types and seeds can be read off directly - Wheat, Barley, OSR, Oats, Rye Ryegrass, Timothy, Linseed, Field Peas, Field Beans, Meadow Fescue, Triticale, Maize, Sunflower, Italian Ryegrass, White Clover
- Automatic compensation of temperature differences in the grain and equipment
- The measured values of a test can be stored, and the average value computed
- A 950mm extension Temperature Probe can be added for measuring temperature in bulk stored crops.
- Whilst this unit is capable of checking many different crop types, please check with our technical department, prior to order, for clarification on specific crop types to be tested.

Technical data:-

Measurement Range
•-  Grain and seeds 8-35%
•-  Oil seeds 5-25%

- Measuring accuracy +/- 0.5%
- Storage temperature -15.°C.. +50°C
- Battery 9V 6F22
- Weight 1.5 kg

Code 7000650
Condition New


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